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Lets.Call.This.The.Quiet.City's Journal
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Below are the 11 most recent journal entries recorded in Lets.Call.This.The.Quiet.City's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, April 29th, 2003
1:04 pm
Something Right
After reading one of my journal entries from March I realized a few things. Im a really up and down person. Its like im on zoloft or something. On Saturday I write about how I hate the world and by sunday i want to give everyone I see a hug. what the shit. i dont know. but one cool thing i remembered about the surf and skate festival this week was that i saw two kids who were at our connecticut show. at the connecticut show these two kids came up to me(probably both like 13 or 14 years old at the most)and they acted so honored to be talking to me. ME! Im a nobody. The fact that they remembered my face proves the impact some people can make on others. Ive definitely never had anyone who I met in a different state 2 months back come up to me and remember me....and remember me not for being me, but remember me for the thing that i love doing more than anything else in the world; my band. It is incidents like this that make all the petty bs that being a band comes with worthwhile. I dont know. I guess anyone else reading this is just like ok matt shut the fuck up. but like ive said before, ive grown up idolizing musicians and its the best feeling for someone to remember ME and feel honored to be talking to ME....whether they were 14 or 34, nothing could compare to that feeling of worth. Not that i need to have that feeling of worth given to me. it was just the best for being remembered for doing what i love. it makes me think that i must be doing something right. in fact with everything that has been going well in my life in the past month or two, i must be doing alot right which is ironic because i dont really do anything. ok matt. turn off the light. shut up now.
12:43 pm
Sing Songbirds Sing
This weekend was pretty good. Saw some good bands. Met some cool people. Got a loaded gun pointed in my face. got drunk. saw my best friend. got drunk.

Im really happy for my friends in Madison. They are soon to be the newest addition to the Drive Thru Records family, only they're going to be on Drive Thru's side label- Rushmore Records. We met Madison back in February and they have been awesome to us ever since. On the level of band friendships, I cant think of another band that we're closer to besides Valandora(another awesome band you should check out on Shout It! Records). Madison have busted their asses and playing and writing non stop. Everyone check out Madison at www.madisonwebsite.com
Congrats guys.

I really dont know what to write. Most people complain about their lives here. I have no complaints really. Everything is going pretty damn good. School is almost over. Im getting ready for summer in new jersey. family. friends. music. beach. late night hangouts. diners. movies. air conditioning. driving. smoking. rocking. drinking. working. all the good stuff only new jersey in the summer can give to you. road trips. days and hours of locking myself in just playing guitar in my room. sitting in the chair in my room watching office space over and over again.

Everything for once is tranquil. The chaos has died down, and at the perfect time.

I'll be pretty busy with the band this summer. As soon as school gets out we're going into the studio to record what i think is our best song. Its going to have keyboards and violins. its going to come out nicely. i really cant wait. we've cancelled our 4 upcoming shows to hunt for a new bassist and take time off to write. at some point in the summer we're going to bobby's aunt's place, crashing there for a week or two and do absolutely nothing but relax, write, play music, and drink beer. its the simplest things in life that make me happy. its going to be beautiful. im going to be working alot this summer. that will keep me busy. i really have nothing interesting to say and im not going to go off on dramatic tangents to try to be artsy or anything. im pretty straight to the point. this is all i have to say right now. This is why I never write in here.

Current Mood: accomplished
Tuesday, March 4th, 2003
1:23 pm
The best of the worst
New York is fucking weird.

One minute I love it. The next minute I hate it. Some weeks I want nothing more than to go home for the weekend. Other weeks it frustrates me to no end having to go home.I really dont understand it. So I tried to break it down. Here's what I've got. I love the independence of living in the most expensive place in the world. I love being here and taking care of myself. I like my school and my friends. Everything is great, but certain things really discourage me. At college you see more of what people really are. You see them at their best and you see them at their worst. I guess that is the good and bad about college. I can see certain situations really begin to piss me off in the upcoming weeks. Its a good thing Im going home next weekend and that we have a show the weekend after. Im talking about everyone in general. I think just seeing the same faces everyday is what pisses me off. The fact that I dont GET OUT doesn't help. I live in the dorm and hide away in my room because of three factors: 1- Its like a blizzard outside without the snow. 2-I cant afford to just go gallavanting around the town, just throwing money away wherever I please 3-Im lazy. I admit it 4- No one ever wants to leave. Most of the time everyone is at class and Im here alone because I have 2 days of classes a week.

This school, as much as I love it, is a fucking joke to begin with. Rich little suburban girls who come to the city and walk around in 500 dollar boots and an entire wardrobe that is worth all the money in my bank account. There are the most riddiculous people here. Not to mention the fact that I feel like I'm one of 10 guys at this school who even know what a touchdown is. The other males just think it is a dance term. JAZZ HANDS!!! This school is full of morons. But all the reasons I hate Marymount are the reasons I love it. I do. I think the school is great. What makes it so wonderful, terrific,terrible, and entertaining?

Every flaming homosexual, dance major, theatre major, theatre minor, the BFA's...(ya know, cause when you ask they HAVE to stress that they're BFA ACTING to prove they're not just a lowly BA theatre major), all the freshman alcoholics, all the freshman girls whose asses got bigger over January, for everyone who gained the Freshman 15 and in some extreme cases the freshman 30,to every pretentious suburban fruitcake and drama queen, to girls who start smoking to impress people, every girl you see crying on a cell phone outside the dorm at 3 am, to everyone who has ever thrown up in the lobby thus smelling the hallway up for 4 days(very impressive. disturbing and grotesque, yet impressive),to students who sing in the elevators to show off their terrible voices, to Mexican and Chinese Bodega clerks, to Marymount Manhattan College- the most wonderful and terrible place in the world, I love you. Why do I like this place so much? I really dont know.

New York is fucking weird.

Current Mood: cynical
Monday, March 3rd, 2003
12:28 am
This Town Was Cool For One Night
Today has been crazy. It has been the longest and shortest day of my life. This weekend has definitely been way too long. Yesterday felt like a fucking eternity. Im really happy its late and Im going to sleep soon. I really am trying hard to get a show at the Continental in NYC. We could draw alot of people and it will be a good show. I made a really good connection tonight. This guy Dave that I talked to wants to book us for shows and take us on as our Booking Manager. We can get shows pretty much anywhere on the east coast. It will be a huge plus for us, definitely. Its just a matter of getting our name out there. I couldnt be happier right now. Another aspect of this band that might happen in the near future makes me even happier....and if that happens, everything will be complete. I really hope it does. But everything is all well here. I have to wake up early tomorrow for classes...really sucks. I cant complain. I have 2 days of classes each week. Then the rest is usually spent dicking around and listening to music. Im really tired right now and grumpy, but I'll be better tomorrow. God damn, I couldnt be happier right now with everything. Some people like to bitch about shit when they have nothing to complain about. Right now everything is great and Im completely happy.....grumpy, but happy. And thats all for now. I dont have anything interesting to say.

Current Mood: happy
Sunday, March 2nd, 2003
3:56 pm
We have friends in Connecticut
Wow. All I have to say is Connecticut, I love you. It was a pretty insane weekend. Well really just Saturday. Here was my Saturday. I wake up at 6 am. Showered. Breakfast, the normal. Left at 930 to go to Rich's for what I thought was going to be a practice before our show. I get there before everyone else. Before Rich is even awake I think. And I have to piss SOOOO f'in bad. I go to piss in his horse stable(yes we practice in a horse stable)...and there is a coyote or something outside my car, which i think is just rich's dog. I dont know. its weird. We get there and Larry our drummer calls and says he cant make it for another couple hours. So we drive down to south jersey to pick up our trailer. We come back to Rich's. Larry finally arrives. And now we have no time to practice. So we start driving to Connecticut which is supposed to be a 2 hour drive. Well, what was SUPPOSED to be 2 hours turned into 4.So we get to the show, we play and all I have to say is Connecticut is fucking great. The kids, the atmosphere....all awesome. I thought we sounded like shit, but everyone there really dug us. The promoter was a really cool guy and hooked us up. Its not often when you get promoters who understand some bands travel a good 3-4 hours out of their way and eat up gas. This kid really did understand and hooked us up. So thanks Adam.We all really appreciate it.I was always the kid in the crowd going up to the bands and telling them how awesome they are. Last night the roles were reversed for the first time ever and I was that guy in the band that these kids were coming up to.You have no idea how great that feels.So, it was 4 hours out of the way, but totally worth it and I would do it again...over and over if I had to. It was a great time, a great show, and great people. I feel really confident about this band. I always think we sound like shit, but we always get good compliments after we play. Im always the type of person that cant really take compliments. I dont know why.I dont mean to come off conceited. Im just blown away by the response we get when we play becasue i always dreamed about being in one of those bands that kids flip out over. Its just such a good feeling working your ass off finding the right band, and then getting rewarded by kids coming up and complimenting you. Its such a reward after busting my ass for months...years even, trying to find a good band to be a part of. Im just rambling. All in all, it was a blast and I couldnt be happier right now. Im raelly happy with the direction that my band is going in. I dreamed of finding the right band. Ive dreamed of even being able to get a band together to play a show. My hard work is definitely paying off and Im soooo grateful right now, you have no idea. And if anyone who was there last night is reading this, I just want to thank you guys for being fucking awesome and supportive and for buying our ep. It means so much to all of us, you have no idea. Connecticut, we fucking love you and we'll be back soon.
Thursday, February 27th, 2003
10:27 am
Word is Bond
One point I want to stress is that Mr. Rogers' real name is Fred Rogers.How great is that? This is a man who didn't crack under the pressure. This is a man who did not conform to media politics? He could have been called the fonz. Rumor has it they asked him to start referring to himself as the fonz. He was all like,"listen, the fonz aint cool. the kids like mr. rogers. so fuck you...and fuck the fonz. im jus a nigga tryin ta' maintain status quo". and then he went back to hanging up his coat, and tieing his shoes. I can respect a man like Mr. Rogers for being true to his name and true to his word. Word is bond! Rest in Peace, Mr. R.
10:22 am
We Will Never Forget You, You Half Retarded Son of a Bitch!
I'd like to call upon a moment of silence as I am greeted with the horrible and earth shattering news of Mr. Rogers' death. Im going to miss that bastard. I wouldnt know how to count right if it wasnt for that mother fucker!....so everyone please gather round, hold hands, in prayer for Mr. Rogers. Wont you?......neighbor?
Wednesday, February 26th, 2003
7:45 pm
In light, just bleed. when you see your epic is all in flames.
Steel Train is amazing. I only really like 2 songs on the new cd, but Ive been waiting for a style this like this forever. I definitely respect them for taking a risk and putting out something that is totally different.

"the spotlight burns, inside of me. cause bravery is holding my two hands, so high in the air. with each breath, angelica sighs. dont say the lights could not change cause, ive seen the grey. in our lives"

6:18 pm
If he were an ice cream flavor, he'd be Pralines and Dick.
I dont really know how I feel about going home this weekend. Im having alot of fun in New York. Sometimes I dont want to leave, though Im going home for awesome reasons. Band Practice on Friday and a show in Connecticut on Saturday.Im having a blast in this band. And I should be. I busted my ass for months trying to find decent and talented musicians. And anyone I have talked to for the past 2 years who knows me well will attest to that. I'll be back Sunday. My schedule is great. I have classes on Mondays and Wednesdays only. My weekend has already begun. How crazy is that? To be honest, it sucks. What do I do? Well, lets see. I get back from class around 3. I sit here, dick around, watch tv, smoke cigarettes non stop. It actually kind of sucks. I COULD go out and experience the outside world. That takes effort though. Im not down with motivation.

Yea Im just sitting here for the most part. Trying to come up a plan. A plan for what you ask? You may never know ooooh, the suspense.

Should I drink tonight? Why not? No class tomorrow. I can do whatever I want. Waynes World is the greatest movie ever. I havent seen it for years. God, its amazing.
5:53 pm
And it begins....
ok computers fucking suck. i had this big long thing written about my intentions for this live journal. it was like years long. ok here goes ONE MORE TIME.

the reason i have decided to start this is because A)I have alot of free time on my hands...too much as a matter of fact. B)I like writing ideas I have through the day C)Diaries are girly D)Id probably lose the key E)My handwriting sucks F)Even if diaries were masculine, writing is tedious and too much to ask. ok done with that. Now lets talk about content I will not use my live journal to whine about how terrible my life is or how much daddy never loved me. The truth is I love my life and just because my dad is a postal employee, it doesnt make him a bad father. He's a very caring person. I WILL bitch about things, but not in an effort to make people sympathize with me. I will not use this journal to send secret, dramatic subliminal messages to people such as family, friends,ex girlfriends, old friends. that is just bullshit. I will never use bad quotes or mention the word Yanni. In fact, this is the one and only time that Yanni's name will appear. Here you are, read it for the last time......ready? YANNI. ok, never again.

i WILL use this journal for the right reasons. A good majority of my time is spent making fun of people, either out loud or in my head. i think im going to use this journal to channel my aggression and sarcasm. ill talk about music here. ill talk about my day. things that only i care about. i am not about impressing people with my live journal. there is no message i am trying to get across. im not trying to get back at anyone with anything i say. i havent decided whether or not i am going to link this to my profile or not. its pretty dumb to do that, but maybe some people will find humor in the things i have to say. or maybe they will agree with some of the points i make. most of all, im expecting people to read my livejournal and think, "ya know, this kid matt really knows his shit. yea, matt is amazing". keep in mind these few key facts beforehand.

-my entries are probably going to be pointless
-i am very lazy
-i'll probably write twice a month, if that
-i dont really make much sense when i talk. so, dont expect me to make much sense when i write.
-mainly i am using this journal to say things that both you and i think but never say out loud.
-i will probably be offensive.
-my response to that? yeah, i dont care so much.
-im really nice. ask anyone. im just cynical
-any questions, morons? ok good. lets begin.

Current Mood: calm
5:35 pm
this is only a test
is anybody there?

Current Mood: chipper
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